Dr Dan Ramp

Co-Investigator and Behavioural Ecology Work Package Lead
UTS Centre for Compassionate Conservation

Dan is the Director of the UTS Centre for Compassionate Conservation and an Associate Professor in the TD School at UTS. His research is a conservation biologist with an interest in behavioural ecology, wild animal welfare, coexistence, and wildlife-human interactions. At the core of his research lies the adoption of the principles of compassionate conservation, a transdisciplinary approach that promotes attentiveness to the wellbeing of non-human animals to solve environmental problems and conflict. He has previously published on kangaroo ecology and protection, impacts of roads on wildlife, responses of wildlife to fine-scale patterns of climate change, ecological interactions among native and introduced species, and conservation ethics.

Through the ROH-Indies project, Dan will lead research that explores the biosocial conditions that shape human-street dog interactions. A key attribute of this research will be the blending of traditional behavioural and spatial ecology with welfare biology to capture the lived experiences of street dogs, providing a novel social analysis of the cultural interactions that underpin cohabitation and/or conflict.