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Series 6 Episode 8. Krithika Srinivasan joins Claudia on the show to talk about re-animalization, a concept that challenges the dominant ways in which human wellbeing are framed.

Illustration © Sreyashi Ray

Sreyashi Ray is an illustrator and PhD student in South Asian Literatures at the University of Minnesota. She researchs and paints postcolonial/vernacular animals and environments.

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Most people in Anglo-Euro-American regions know dogs only as pets or working animals or as under some kind of human ownership. Dogs outside of human property regimes tend to be seen as ‘stray’ and as needing either ‘rescue’ or ‘control’.

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Series 3 Episode 4. Claudia Hirtenfelder talks to Krithika Srinivasan about the concept of biopolitics and how it could be used to understand multi-species urban relations.

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A discussion of Krithika’s article ‘Remaking more‐than‐human society: Thought experiments on street dogs as “nature”’ which appeared in the journal ‘Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers’ in 2019.   

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Krithika appears in this BBC programme about the impact of dogs on humans and vice versa. Brett Westwood visits Battersea to meet the animals whose history is most inextricably linked with our own.