Hybrid Publics of Human and Other-than-Human Life: Free-Living Dogs and the “Green” and “Healthy” City in India

Multi-layered collage: Dholera, Gujarat’s futuristic greenfield city in the making – from solar park to Make in India chip hub – “squatted” by hybrid publics between human and other-than-human life: people consuming street food and free-living dogs. Artwork: Colnate Group, 2024 (cc by nc)
Rubio-Ramon, G., Srinivasan, K
Date of release

The adjectives of healthy and green often go hand in hand with new urban development strategies worldwide. This raises fundamental questions for cities in simultaneous processes of de-greening/de-animalization and greening: what is the “green” or urban nature that these programs refer to? Who or what benefits from these interventions? And what natures, on the contrary, are seen as obstacles to them?